Garage Door Opener: Opens and closes by itself

What to do when your Garage door starts opening and closing on its own? Here are a few reasons and fixes that can help you to sort out this issue accurately. First of all, you need to check with your neighbors who might have the same code as your opener. The solution is to reset your garage opener to a new code—every garage door opener has instructions for how to do this. If you can’t reset it consult with Garage Door supplier to seek advice regarding this task.

It is also important to inspect the control wiring because an electric short circuit in a small gauge wire leading from Garage Door supplier opener motor unit to the control unit causes your garage door to operate all on its own. Another trick is to analyze the wiring between each sensor at the side of the door and motor unit. These are low-voltage cables, so you don’t have to bother about shutting off the power to check them.

Look for damaged insulation, bare strands of wire, or even a nail or staple piercing the wire. You can easily replace these wires and purchase a new one from any hardware store. If the wires don’t have any issue, check the control buttons that are located near your side entry door. There might be loose wire connections inside the button housing itself. As these wires short against the housing, the electrical impulse creates the door opener to activate.

Replacing a malfunctioning control button is another very easy fix. It could be possible circuit board issue and the problem could be a matter of re soldering loose connection. It is better to replace the garage door opener and install a new opener because Given that the problems with your opener pose real safety and security risks, a new opener makes a lot of sense if you can’t stop its mysterious behavior soon.

A List of the Most Common Garage Door Problems

Garage Door Problems are inevitable because of having complex, intricate sets of mechanical Parts. Troubleshooting any issue would be helpful to sort out common issues that could be easily fixed. Although it is not good to address all issues yourself, some issues require Garage door suppliers and without it, you can involve in a dangerous environment.

Let’s take a look at some common Garage Door Problems—Noisy garage door is one of the most common problems especially for those who are sleeping next to the garage. You can fix this issue with the routine maintenance and replacement of a few parts. Frozen Garage Door—this problem usually occurs during coldest days especially when the moisture and cold can conspire to make it difficult.

The garage door can also freeze the garage floor and the minor ice can be easily broken when you hit the opener button. Once you get the door open you should clear away all the ice and keep all the area dry for preventing future freezing. Garage doors usually experience broken glass that should be repaired as soon as possible. Broken glass can create a safety issue and invites every bird and insects to make an entry inside so you should replace it by using the same technique that is applied for replacing glazing in a house window.

A faulty garage door opener usually happens during rain and a snowstorm that might be difficult to handle so you need to consult the Garage door supplier to sort out this problem. The proper maintenance of a Garage makes it able to lasts for 50 years or more but by neglecting they might fail to continue for 15 years. If you don’t have any other choice then you should replace it to experience a new look and style. 

5 Garage Security Tips That Will Make Your Home Safer

A Garage door and Home window are considered as one of the most vulnerable entry points for the burglars. Here are a few important security tips that you need to know — Think like a burglar: it might sound odd but you need to try this. Walk around the exterior of your garage door and analyze – How might a burglar get into my house? How secure is your garage? If you are having a manual system then close your garage door but an automatic garage door opener is most suitable that makes garage door far more difficult for the thief to get past.

If you are planning for the vacation then you need to use padlock clamped on one of the door track to make sure they will stay closed but if your door opener is older without any smart technology then unplugging the automatic opener when you’re away for a while is another option. One of the cheapest security options is a zip tie your automatic garage door openers emergency release. Secure the release lever or cord with a zip tie to retain them protected from tampering.

In case of any power outage and you have to use the emergency lever, simply by cutting off the zip tie and replacing it when the power comes back on. Don’t leave your garage door open unnecessarily and upgrade your outdated garage door opener. if you are using an outdated garage door opener then your opener is more unprotected to be a break-in than an automatic door opener model.

You should consult a Garage door supplier for Modern garage door openers that would be far quieter and energy-efficient than models of the past. Use a smart garage door opener that lets you monitor and operate your garage doors remotely.